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What is Orion?
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ESA / Science & Exploration / Human and Robotic Exploration / Orion

Download this  info kit  to learn more about Orion, Artemis, the journey to the Moon and how European hardware and know-how is making it happen.

Navigate between pages from the contents page or with the arrows at the bottom of each page.

Explore the spacecraft and the mission through the series of infographics, which can also be downloaded separately from the image gallery.

Roll over the graphic elements to discover hyperlinks to more information on related webpages. Links to recommended images, videos and animations are provided towards the end of this media kit.

Updated May 2022, merged with the Moon kit to bring all ESA's Artemis and Moon elements in one place, all the Orion content is in the larger Moon kit. 

Updated May 2020 with new infographics, Artemis branding and new images.

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